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What is DC Resistance and Transformer Winding Resistance Test?

What is DC Resistance?

DC resistance, is the inherent static resistance of the conductor, it is the resistance applied to the object by applying a certain amount of DC current to the object.

What is Transformer Winding Resistance Test?

Transformer Winding Resistance Test; is to check the large differences between the windings and the gaps in the connections. Measuring the resistance of the transformer windings ensures that each circuit is properly connected and that all connections are tight. Measuring the resistance of the windings ensures that the connections are correct and the resistance measurement shows that there are no serious mismatches or trippings.

What is Transformer Winding Resistance Tester?

It is an important diagnostic tool for assessing potential damage to transformers caused by poor design, poor assembly, abuse, unsuitable environments, overloading or inadequate maintenance. Winding resistance in transformers will change due to short circuits, loose connections or broken contacts in tap changers. Regardless of configuration, resistance measurements are normally done phase-to-phase and the readings are compared with each other to determine if they are acceptable.

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