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AC Hipot Test System | MT-HPTAC

  AC Hipot Test System | MT-HPTAC; Testing of power for electrical equipment, apparatus or machines is achieved effectively and directly. It checks dangerous defects that ensure continuous operation of electrical devices.

DC Winding Resistance Tester | MTS-TWR-CP10

DC Resistance Tester | MT-TWR-CP10; It is used for winding resistance measurement. Transformers, common inductors, reactors, electromagnetic operating mechanisms, etc. It is a necessary test for semi-finished products, finished factory tests, installation, handover tests and preventive tests of the power industry in the manufacture of inductive coils.

DVDF Test System 30kVA | MT-DVDF 30kVA (For transformer Inductive Withstand Voltage Testing)

This system is specially designed and manufactured for the power transformer production or maintenance department to do the frequency doubling induction withstand voltage test power supply. The continuous operation time is allowed not to exceed 4 hours. The output frequency is 150Hz, and the maximum load transformer capacity is 3150kVA. An intermediate transformer is required when the voltage on the low-voltage side of the transformer exceeds 400V.

Hermetic Transformer Boiler Life Tester | MTKOT-200

Hermetic Transformer Boiler Life Tester | MTKOT-200; It performs the Boiler Life and Leakage Test required by the TS EN 50588-1 article 9.4 standard.

Insulation Resistance Tester | MTS-5K

MTS-5K Insulation Resistance Tester, also known as megohmmeter, high voltage megohmmeter, high voltage insulation resistance tester, etc. Also known as , it is mainly used for insulation testing in the laboratory or on site.

Oil-Immersed Induction Voltage Regulator | MTJA, MTEJA Series

Oil-Immersed Induction Voltage Regulator | MTJA, MTEJA Series ; Used for electrical appliances testing, electric furnace temperature control, rectifier equipment, generator excitation.

Transformer Load No-Load Test System | MTTSE-63

Transformer Load No-Load Test System | MTTSE-63; It can perform idle loss test and load loss test in transformers. When desired, induced voltage test and applied voltage test can be added to the system.  

Transformer Routine Test Leakage Tester | MT-STC

According to TS EN 60076-1 Standard; The transformer manufacturer must carry out an agreed test to prove that the transformer tank will not leak during operation. If there is no agreement, a pressure of at least 30 kPa above the normal liquid pressure should be applied and this pressure should be maintained for 24 hours for transformers with declared value greater than 20 MVA or 72.5 kV and for 8 hours for transformers with lower declared power and voltage. Typically this pressure is applied to the housing using a column of liquid or gas pressure. The entire transformer should then be visually inspected to determine if there are any leaks. Transformer Routine Test Leakage Tester | MT-STC ; The transformer in question carries out routine leakage testing.

Transformer Turns Ratio Tester | MT-TRT3000

Automatic Transformer Turns Ratio Tester | MT-TRT3000; is used to measure the turns ratio or voltage ratio of power transformers and voltage transformers, and can meet the tests of transformer production, installation, operation, and power preventive test procedures.

CT and PT Analyser | MT-1000A

CT and PT Analyser is designed to determine the conversion ratio error and phase shift error values of current and voltage transformers according to EN 61869 standard.

CT and PT Analyser | MT-CTPT100

The CT and PT analyzer is designed to test the conversion ratio error and phase shift error values of current and voltage transformers according to the EN 61869-1 standard.

Frequency Response Analyzer

Frequency Response Analyzer is used to perform frequency response measurements of transformers.