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6 Phase Relay Tester

6 Phase Relay Tester and Current Source is designed to test the relay unit in the relay protection system. The relay tester can also be used as single phase, 3 phase or 6 phase AC / DC voltage source or current source.

Adjustable Power Supply

Adjustable Power Supply is intended for electrical testing of circuit breakers and relays. It is also a general purpose AC / DC adjustable, feedback (optional) power supply.

Breaker Analyzer

Breaker Analyzer is designed for mechanical and electrical switching tests of all kinds of GIS, SF6, vacuum and oil type circuit breaker contacts.

Circuit Breaker Analyser

Circuit Breaker Analyser is designed to measure values such as the closing and opening times of the circuit-breakers and the closing and opening speeds in accordance with TS EN 62271.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer | Touch Screen

Circuit Breaker Analyzer | Touch Screen device tripping or opening time, closing time, bounce time, contact distance and speed can be measured. Results can be viewed instantly on the touch screen and quickly analysed. The test results can be printed with the printer or transferred to the computer via USB. With a 50 mm linear and 360 degree rotary sensor, contact distance and speed measurements can be easily performed. The device can measure up to 12 contacts at the same time.

Contact Resistance Measuring Device

The Contact Resistance Meter is designed to measure the contact resistance of the breaker and disconnector switches by applying current up to 100 amps. It has current measurement feature and display.

Contact Resistance Meter

Contact Resistance Meter is designed to measure relay and breaker contact resistances with high accuracy by applying current up to 600 amps.

Contact Resistance Tester | Bluetooth with Printer

Contact Resistance Tester | Bluetooth with Printer is a carefully developed high precision, digital switch detection instrument by the IEC standard And PRC's Latest electric power execution standard DL/T845.4-2004 Regulations. The Instrument adopt High frequency high power constant current switching power supply technology to detect the Micro ohm contact resistance. The Instrument is widely used for varieties of the switches and Contact resistance of switches and electrical appliances, contact resistance and Power cables, contact resistance of welding seam detection.

Current Source | 1000 A

Current Source | 1000 A  is designed to generate the high current required to determine the conversion ratio of the Current Transformers.

Current Source | 2000 A

Current Source | 2000 A is designed to produce the high current required to determine the conversion ratio of current transformers.

Current Source Device Used

Current Source Device Used SLQ primary injection test set is a high current generator instrument. It is applied in current transformer test, circuit breaker test and so on.

Earth Resistance Tester

Earth Resistance Tester is applied to measure the earth resistance of equipment and conductive and resistive low resistance circuit in power system.