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Airflow Protection Cabinet

Airflow Protection Cabinet is designed to prevent excessive changes in ambient temperature and to provide protection against airflow in accordance with clause 12.4 of Annex D of EN/IEC 60598-1

DC Electronic Load | LED Simulated

DC Electronic Load | LED Simulated designed to generate LED drive electronic load conditions using diodes instead of electronic loads created with conventional constant resistance to achieve normal and stable test voltage and current required to simulate LED products.

Digital Power Meter

Digital Power Meter, Power analyzer for led strip, led fixture and led lighting products. Upper and lower values ​​of voltage, current, power and power factor.

Digital Torquetester for Lamp Caps

Digital Torquetester for Lamp Caps is designed for use in torque tests of lamp caps according to TS EN 60061-1, TS EN 60061-2, TS EN 60061-3 standards.

Drop Tester for Bulbs

Drop Tester for Bulbs is designed to test the fall resistance of E27, E22 and E17 lamps in accordance with EN and IEC standards for lighting appliances.


The goniophotometer is designed to perform light intensity distribution measurements by rotating the luminaires around the B-Beta or C-Gamma axes.

Inclined Plane

Inclined Plane meets the standard of EN/IEC 60335-1 Clause 20.1. Inclined Plane is designed to verify whether the appliances intended to be used on floor or table type surfaces have adequate stability.

Lamp Caps and Lamp Holder Gauges

Lamp Caps and Lamp Holder Gauges, these gauges are used in luminaires, E14, E27, E40 etc. as specified in IEC 60061 standard. It is designed for size control of lamp holders and lamp caps.

LED Driver Online Tester

LED Driver Online Tester is designed to perform current, voltage, power, power factor and harmonic measurements of led drivers in accordance with TS EN 62384 (Electronic control scheme for LED modules - Performance characteristics)

Lighting Test Chain

Lighting Test Chain, meets the standard of EN/IEC 60598-1 clause 4.26. The SELV is designed to verify that appropriate protection devices are provided in the sections to prevent safety deterioration due to unwanted short circuits.

Spectroradiometer and Sphere Test System

Spectroradiometer and Sphere Test System, LPCE-3 is a CCD Spectroradiometer Integrating Sphere Compact System for LED Testing. It is suitable for photometric and colorimetric measurement of luminaries such as LEDs, LED luminaires, Energy-saving lamps, Fluorescent lamps, HID lamps (high voltage sodium lamps and high voltage mercury lamps) and CCFL. The measured data meets the requirements of CIE, EN and LM-79 clause 9.1 for the measurement of photometry and colorimetry.

Tester for Flexible | Table Type Lamps

Tester for Flexible | Table Type Lamps meets the standard of EN/IEC 60598-1, clause 4. 14. 3. This tester is designed for use in flexing tests of adjustable or flexible lamps such as table lamps, floor lamps and drawing lamps.