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6 Phase Relay Tester

6 Phase Relay Tester and Current Source is designed to test the relay unit in the relay protection system. The relay tester can also be used as single phase, 3 phase or 6 phase AC / DC voltage source or current source.

AC DC Hipot Tester 50 KV

AC DC Hipot Tester 50 KV is mainly composed of high voltage control and high voltage transformer and is designed to perform AC / DC high voltage tests up to 50 kV

AC Hipot Test System (Oil) | MT-1010D

MT-1010D; Automatic or manual mode can be selected, simple and easy operation. HV voltage/current, DC voltage/current, timing and results are displayed directly. Over voltage, over current protection. Output voltage, HV current upper limit, DC current upper limit and timing can be adjusted. In automatic tests, voltage increase or decrease can be stopped at any time; the test sample can be examined in more detail.

AC Hipot Tester Mt Serisi

AC Hipot Tester Mt Serisi is used for insulation tests at the power frequency of insulation materials and power equipment. It consists of a test transformer and a voltage control unit.

AC Hipot Testing System | MT-505D

MT-505D is used in insulated voltage test of all kinds of electrical products, electrical equipment and insulated materials, testing the insulation level of products, investigating the insulated objection of the test, scaling the capacitance loaded voltage.

AC Partial Discharge Test System | MTYD-10/100

Electrical Partial Discharge; They are electrical discharges or sparks that occur due to the gaps in the structure of the insulating material or the problems in its continuity between two conductive electrodes, and the inability to form a full bridge. It covers the measurement of partial discharges that occur in electrical equipment, components or systems when tested with alternating voltage or direct voltage up to 400 Hz according to IEC 60270 standart. MTYD-10/100 AC Partial Discharge Test System; It is mainly used to test the frequency voltage insulation level of various insulation materials, insulation structure and electrical products, and also as a partial discharge frequency test power supply for test objects such as transformer, mutual inductor and lightning rod. It is widely used in electricity generation, electricity business departments, research institutes and universities.

AC Resonance Test System | MTS-180

It is used for factory testing of medium and high voltage cables, high voltage capacitors, generators and motors.

AC/DC Peak Voltmeter | MT-PV1000

Peak voltage is one of the important measured parameters and it is difficult to accurately measure the peak value of voltage with a general voltmeter, especially when the voltage waveform changes, a peak voltmeter should be used. The smart AC/DC digital voltmeter is designed to measure DC high voltage test and power frequency high voltage test.

Adjustable Current Source

Adjustable Current Source, feedback (optional) current source designed to be used in the heating tests of clause 19 of IEC 60884-1

Adjustable Power Supply

Adjustable Power Supply is intended for electrical testing of circuit breakers and relays. It is also a general purpose AC / DC adjustable, feedback (optional) power supply.

Adjustable Rotating Table

Adjustable Rotating Table is designed to position the test specimen and to rotate continuously at the desired speed and angle in the IPX1, IPX2, IPX3, IPX4, IPX5 and IPX6 tests in the standard EN/IEC 60529. Other related standards: IEC 60884-1, IEC 60335-1, IEC 60598-1  and similar.

Adjustable Spring Hammer

Adjustable Spring Hammer device meets the standard of IEC 60068-2-75 Test Ehb, Clause 6, Figure E:1. This device is intended to test the impact resistance to enclosure, operating arm, handle, knob, indicator lights and shades of electrical appliance for household or similar purpose, to verify the safety performance and strength of the product. Relevant Standards: Series of IEC 60065, IEC 60335, IEC 60598, IEC 60601, IEC 61010 and similar.