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Electrical Safety Compliance Tester

Electrical Safety Compliance Tester AN9651S(F)E /AN9651F(F)E /AN9651B(F)E , AC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond Resistance, Leakage Current, Running Power, Low-Voltage Start.

Electrical Safety Comprehensive Tester AN9640BV3(F)

From medical devices to appliances, AINUO AN Series all-in-one design includes the test functionality you need to ensure your product is compliant with the most rigorous international electrical safety test standards.

Electrical Safety Tester Desktop

Masaüstü Elektriksel Güvenlik Test Cihazı, AN9640A (F) ve AN9640B (F) model cihazlar AC Hipot, İzolasyon Direnci, Topraklama Direnci, Kaçak Akım, Çalışma Gücü ve Düşük Gerilimde Başlatma deneyleri için tasarlanmıştır.

Electrically Security Testing Device

Electrically Security Testing Device AN9651S(F), AN9651F(F) and AN9651B(F) are designed AC Hi-pot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond Resistance, Leakage Current, Running Power, Low-Voltage Start tests.

Frequency Adjustable Power Supply

Frequency Adjustable Power Supply 300V / 45-65Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz, 200Hz, 240Hz, 400Hz, capacity 500VA-10KVA; Output voltage can be up to 400V, 600V, need to modify;

Ground Bond Resistance Tester Calibrator

Ground Bond Resistance Tester Calibrator tester calibrator.

Ground Bond Tester Ainuo

Ground Bond Tester Ainuo * Latest international standard: Comply with CCC,IEC,EN,VDE,BS,UL,JIB standard requirements. * Result can be shown as resistance or voltage to satisfy different industrial standard requirements * Measurement current 5-30A, output frequency 50/60Hz * Leakage current upper setting, intelligent judgment * VFD display, simple operation * Remote, RS232/485 interface

Intelligent Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer

Intelligent Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer Four-in-one function; Accurate; Fast; Information support; Intelligent; Open expansion.

Leakage Current Tester Ainuo

Leakage Current Tester Ainuo Single/Three phase Leakage Current Test.

Multifunctional Electrical Safety Tester

Multifunctional Electrical Safety Tester - High-precision: accuracy of 1%, industry first; - High speed: patented technology (grounding, voltage withstand parallel test), fast, efficient - Comprehensive: integrated safety performance and electrical performance test, one station, one-key start; - Intelligent: Built-in 100 groups of test conditions in memory; - Automation expansion: RS232/Rs485/GPIB/Ethernet interface (four choose one), bar code scanning interface, variable frequency power control interface to composing an automated Analyser.

Resistance Tester

Comprehensive Resistance Tester