What is Partial Discharge? What is the Importance of Partial Discharge? How Do We Understand Transformer Partial Discharge? What are Partial Discharge Precautions?

What is Electrical Partial Discharge? Electrical Partial Discharge ; They are electrical discharges or sparks that occur due to the

What is Contact (Contact) Resistance, Where It Occurs, How Is It Tested?

What is Contact (Contact) Resistance? The term contact (contact) resistance refers to the contribution to the total resistance of a

DC and AC resistance and is it different from two different points?

What is DC Resistance? DC resistance is the resistance of the component when connected to DC, that is, the inherent

What is the Dielectric Estimation (Tan Delta) of a Transformer and What is the Test Purpose and Method?

What is Tan Delta (dielectric loss) Test? Since transformer oil is used in circuit breakers, cables and switches, it is

Transformer Short Circuit Impedance and Load Impedance Test

What is Impedance? If we define the meaning of the word within the framework of electrical engineering: When voltage is

What is Insulation (Insulation) Resistance-Insulation (Insulation) Resistance Test?

What is Insulation (Insulation) Resistance? Insulation (insulation resistance) is used to measure the resistance value of the insulation (insulation) power

Purpose of Transformer No Load Test, Test Method

Purpose of Transformer No Load Test Test Method Transformer No Load Test is performed to determine the no-load impedance in

What is DC Resistance and Transformer Winding Resistance Test?

What is DC Resistance? DC resistance, is the inherent static resistance of the conductor, it is the resistance applied to

What is Transformer Winding Deformation?

Transformer winding deformation is the irreversible change in the shape and size of the winding due to mechanical force and

What is Grounding Resistance?

What is Grounding Resistance? it is the reaction of the soil to pass electrical current. Earth conductor is a weaker