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calibrator of high voltage tester 10 kv

Calibrator of High Voltage Tester | 10 kV

Calibrator of High Voltage Tester | 10 kV voltage withstand calibrator is designed to calibrate different kinds of portable and domestic AC/DC withstanding voltage testers in 3%-5% accuracy level.
calibrator of high voltage tester 30 kv

Calibrator of High Voltage Tester | 30 kV

Calibrator of High Voltage Tester | 30 kV is used for high voltage measurement and calibration of different kinds of portable and domestic AC/DC high voltage testers.
dc electronic load

DC Electronic Load

DC Electronic Load is with power ranges from 150W to 300W. DC loads are a versatile instrument for static and DC-DC converters.
miliohmmetr | mikroohmmetr

Miliohmmetr | Mikroohmmetr

Miliohmmetr Mikroohmmetr DC lower resistance tester is intelligent, wide range, accurate DC resistance tester, suitable for transformer and Inductance coil copper resistance, Relay contact resistance, switch, Connector contact resistance, conductor resistance, Component solder contact resistance, PCB line and welding hole resistance, metal defect detection and so on. Applied to the production line, can use HANDLER interface and GPIB interface (option) output good /defective product signal, in order to improve production line automation testing capability.
network analyser

Network Analyser

Network Analyser is designed to be used for signal measurement of RF components such as filters, amplifiers, antennas, cable and cable television sub connectors as well as radio communications, cable TV and automotive electronics.
precision lcr meter

Precision LCR Meter

Precision LCR Meter is designed to perform precise measurements of Inductance (L), Capacitance (C) and Resistance (R).
programmable dc mictoohmmeter

Programmable DC Microohmmeter

Programmable DC Microohmmeter is designed for low resistance measurements of relays, cables, breakers, cable inserts, transformer windings, bus bars, motor windings, electrical and electronic components with test current up to 10A.
signal generator

Signal Generator

Signal Generator is a double DDS Function/Arbitrary Waveform generator, which is advanced with its characteristics of multifunction, high accuracy and high stability.
Temperature Data Logger

Temperature Data Logger

Temperature Data Logger is designed to be able to measure more than one temperature simultaneously with thermocouples and to record measurement results.multi channel temperature data logger.