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Low Voltage Distribution Panel and Materials

Low Voltage Distribution Panel and Materials

Low Voltage Distribution Panel and Materials

Low Voltage Distribution Panel and Materials they are the panels where the main distribution of electrical energy is carried out in factories, workshops and workplaces. In building type transformer-centered consumers, the low voltage output of the transformer comes directly to the main distribution panel, where energy is distributed to the sub-panels.

In direct-type transformer-centric consumers, electrical energy from the metering panel enters the main distribution panel, and from there, the secondary distribution panels are output from the switches.

In the workplaces without transformers, the energy coming from the main coffer is entered to the distribution panel and energy is distributed to the facility from there.

With the main distribution panel, the energy of the plant can be controlled from a single panel. In large plants, assembly is made with the compensation panel.

Main Distribution Panel Dimensions

The dimensions of the main distribution panels vary according to the size of the plant, ie the power of the plant. The greater the power of the plant, the larger the switch and busbar dimensions, the larger the panel dimensions. Main distribution panel height 200-210 cm is made as standard. Panel depth can be 50-60-70-80-90 cm at least 40 cm.

Panel width varies according to the size of the plant. Figure 2.1 shows the main distribution and compensation panels of a facility together. As shown in Figure 2.1, the main switch of the plant is a 630 Amper compact switch. It is seen that this facility has 7 output switches and 1 compensation compact switch.

Main Distribution Panel Features

40x40x4 mm angle iron or similar profile iron is used for the main distribution panel frame. The thickness of DKP sheet used in panels should be at least 2 mm. If the switch and control element which will have a mechanical effect on the panel sheet is to be placed, it is better to choose the sheet thickness of 3 mm.

Main distribution panels are manufactured up to 1600 kVA in accordance with TS 3367 and IEC 439 as standard.

The characteristics of the main distribution panels vary according to the facility where they will be used. In places such as water well pumps, an external feature and a measurement panel, distribution panel and compensation panel are installed together. In small facilities, main distribution panel with electric meter and compensation panel are together.

In the facilities built according to the old regulations, the main distribution panel with electricity meter and compensation panel are together. According to the new regulations, if there is a pole type transformer facility, the electricity meter shall be located on the measuring panel mounted next to the pole.

If the building is a transformer, the modular measuring cell will have an electricity meter. The electricity meter in the main distribution panel should be placed in the measurement panel located at the bottom of the pole in the installations with pole type transformers made according to the old regulations.

Large plant main distribution panel; copper busbars, main switches, output switches, current transformers. If the distribution panels are to be installed outside the building, they must be of external type. For indoor installation, it must be installed with internal ventilation or aspirator.

If necessary, interior lighting can be installed. Measuring instruments can also be mounted on the main distribution panels. To prevent touching the busbars in the panels, the top of the busbars should be protected with transparent fiberglass glass.

Main Distribution Panel Connection Diagram

As the main distribution panel connection diagram, the diagram shown in Figure 2.2 is given as an example. When we examine this diagram, energy input and output are made with cables from below.

The main switch output is made with busbars, 3 current transformers for measuring instruments and 1 current transformer for reactive power relays are installed in the busbars. Energy entry to exit charter is done through bars. It is also connected to the commutator with signal lamps and voltmeter.


Figure 2.2: Main distribution panel connection principle diagram

Main Distribution Panel Materials
Materials used in the main distribution panel; busbars, switches, current transformers, support insulators and panel internal need socket lamps will be examined.

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