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115v 400 hz power supply

115V | 400Hz Power Supply

115V | 400Hz Power Supply aviation ground power unit is a new generation of outdoor type power unit to provide external 400Hz power supply production inspection, repair and maintenance of civil and military aircrafts. This product adopts twelve-pulses rectifying high performance FPGA as the core processor, pure digital measurement and control technology, LCD screen display, novel and appearance, reasonable structure design, high reliability, low distortion sine wave output, high stability, fast perfect EMC etc., a safe, reliable, efficient, clean high-level aviation ground power, suitable for airport and aircraft manufacturing, testing, maintenance and other applications.
270v dc power supply

270V DC Power Supply

270V DC Power Supply  system with a large power capacity is applied by parallel connection of medium frequency power supplies. Through the distribution cabinet it is possible to control the power supply in each parking spot, and to make voltage compensation through the voltage drop compensator for each compartment, so that the power supply quality of each parking spot can meet the power demands for aircraft.
28v dc aviation ground power supply

28V DC Aviation Ground Power Supply

28V DC Aviation Ground Power Supply is mainly used for ground support, maintenance and start of civil aircraft, general aviation aircraft, military aircraft, thanks, armoured vehicles and others. Adopt LCD display, exquisite appearance. Basic on FPGA/DSP HF digital inverter control technology, high quality wave, fast dynamic response speed, perfect overload capacity, low power grid pollution. Structuration design, high reliability, high mobility, wide (-40--+60℃) operating temperature. Protection class is up to IP55, completely suitable for outdoor application. This series Aviation Grounding Power Supply already reaches the advanced level in the world.
50w 500w and flame burner

50W 500W and Flame Burner

50W 500W and Flame Burner meet the standards of EN/IEC 60695-11-3, Clause 4.2.1, Figure A.1 and EN/IEC 60695-11-4, Clause 4.2.1, Figure A.1 and Figure A.2.
6 phase relay tester

6 Phase Relay Tester

6 Phase Relay Tester and Current Source is designed to test the relay unit in the relay protection system. The relay tester can also be used as single phase, 3 phase or 6 phase AC / DC voltage source or current source.
ac dc power analyser

AC | DC Power Analyser

AC | DC Power Analyser DC, 0.5~100kHz; Accuracy: 0.1%; Voltage: 0.15~1000V; Current: 0.2m~50A (including custom range); MODBUS, 50th harmonic, external sensor input.
ac constant current power supply

AC Constant Current Power Supply

AC Constant Current Power Supply 10-3000A / 45-65Hz, 15V / 30V output voltage, more capacity can be customized.
ac dc hipot tester 50 kv

AC DC Hipot Tester 50 KV

AC DC Hipot Tester 50 KV is mainly composed of high voltage control and high voltage transformer and is designed to perform AC / DC high voltage tests up to 50 kV
ac dc power supply

AC DC Power Supply

AC DC Power Supply Integrated AC / DC Aircraft Ground Static Converter.
ac hipot tester mt serisi

AC Hipot Tester Mt Serisi

AC Hipot Tester Mt Serisi is used for insulation tests at the power frequency of insulation materials and power equipment. It consists of a test transformer and a voltage control unit.
ac power supply anfcf series

AC Power Supply ANFC(F) Series

AC Power Supply ANFC(F) Series AC Power Source, 0-300V / 45-65Hz, 120Hz, 200Hz, 240Hz, capacity 15KVA-240KVA, Larger capacity can be modified.
adjustable current source

Adjustable Current Source

Adjustable Current Source, feedback (optional) current source designed to be used in the heating tests of clause 19 of IEC 60884-1