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AC | DC Power Analyser

AC | DC Power Analyser DC, 0.5~100kHz; Accuracy: 0.1%; Voltage: 0.15~1000V; Current: 0.2m~50A (including custom range); MODBUS, 50th harmonic, external sensor input.

Ainuo Digital Power Meter

Ainuo Digital Power Meter Measurement  parameters:I, Q, λ, f, Time, PintVoltage rated range:60.00V / 300.0V / 600.0VCurrent rated range:400.0mA / 4.000A / 20.00AActive power measurement accuracy:0.01WFrequency measurement range:45Hz≤f≤66HzInterface:RS232(Option RS485, GPIB)、RS232(Option RS485, GPIB)

Multiple Channel Power Analyser

Multiple Channel Power Analyser:1-6 channel measuring element configuration, flexibly configured as multi-channel single-phase,3P3W*2, 3P4W*2,4-phase. (DC+3P3W) and other models for measuring of various loads(air conditioners, inverters, frequency converters, motors);

Three Phase Power Analyzer

Three Phase Power AnalyzerMeasurement parameters:U, I, P, λ, f, WhVoltage rated range:20.0V ~ 600.0VCurrent rated range:0.030A ~ 5.000A ~ 40.00AFrequency measurement range:45Hz ~ 65HzEnergy measurement range:0~999999MWhInterface:RS232(Option RS485)